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Professional Development

Professional Development/Resources for PK-12 Staff

Changes in the certification and recertification requirements and in the goals for the district professional development plan require that all educators, both special educators, and general educators, as well as paraprofessionals, receive training to build capacity for a more responsive general education program. The required training emphasizes analyzing and accommodating diverse learning needs of all students and methods of collaboration among teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff to enhance the ability to be responsive to all students in the general education classroom. North Brookfield Public Schools will offer planned professional development activities throughout the year. During these days the faculty at each building will be actively involved in training that will impact student learning.

The North Brookfield Public School District believes that teachers, administrators, and other professional staff should always enhance their abilities to support their students. A teacher's mind should never be stagnant, but rather in a constant state of growth. Always integrating what has been learned in the past with that which is current and anticipated in the future. Our administration will continuously advise their staff to advance and to go to a higher level of their own education. This not only makes for a good role model for their students, but it also allows faculty to remain fresh and invigorated for instruction in their educational environments.

The North Brookfield School System is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for continuous professional growth for all staff. The goal is to develop a depth of knowledge in content areas and diverse teaching strategies to enhance student and teacher learning in an atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism.

Examples of North Brookfield Professional Development Opportunities

  • Induction/Mentor Program for new teachers  
  • Instructional practices that maximize student achievement
  • Universal Design for Learning training
  • Annual departmental/grade-specific Curriculum Summits
  • Summer administrative workshops  
  • Training in topics & issues of special education  
  • Summer curriculum work  
  • Technology training  
  • Contractual coursework reimbursement  
  • New program adoption training