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Services Available

North Brookfield Food Services

The School Food Service Department makes available breakfast, lunch, snacks, and milk daily to all students commencing on the first day of school. In addition, the Free and/or Reduced Price Meals Program subsidized by the Federal Government is also available to eligible students. A meal application was sent home in the first day packet. A new application must be completed each school year for each child in the family. Families who feel that they are eligible to participate in the program should submit the completed application within three (3) days of its receipt. The food service department will notify the parent of their eligibility status. If you have a question regarding eligibility status or seek information on the program, contact:

Diana Ryan

Director of Food Services

***A new application may be requested at any time during the school year in the event of a change of income status.

For more information or to apply for benefits please see the links below: